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A visit to NaturZoo in Rheine, Germany

NaturZoo in Rheine, Germany was another stop in a recent tour of European zoos and avicultural collections. Opening in 1937, NaturZoo is 37 acres of polished and beautiful landscaping with artfully designed and vintage style exhibits. The bird collection at the zoo is wonderful and they have successful breeding programs for many species. Of particular interest was their long time success in breeding ruff. I learned a great deal of husbandry information from their longtime director, Achim, a tremendously knowledgeable aviculturist with a true “bird sense”. I appreciated the willingness to share his experiences, good and bad, and I came away understanding much more about their care than before I arrived. The aviaries and enclosures were stunning and the incredible amount of white storks which nest annually on the grounds in the tree canopies was a magnificent sight to behold!

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