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Hartlaub’s Duck nest success!

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I am very proud of this successful hatching of Hartlaub’s ducks, which hatched naturally under the hen in our largest aviary. The pair picked a well-hidden wooden nest basket structure up high, roughly 13 feet, in a very shaded and secluded area. The male has been dutifully standing guard nearby, readily sounding alarm calls when a perceived threat approached, but never actually close to where she was nesting. They fledged from the nest on September 7 and all 7 of the eggs hatched! All of the ducklings are currently doing very well and are growing rapidly. This pair of Hartlaub’s duck is of great genetic importance, and this is the first ever nesting from this pair. These ducklings will be implemented into a monitored breeding program and will help to augment the avicultural population of this species for years to come.


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