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Pygmy goose rearing

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Pygmy geese, both African and cotton, enjoying some favored treats on the water! Pygmy geese are not well adept to spend large amounts of time on land. We feel this to be an important factor to remember when raising young pygmy geese and monitoring proper physical development. In order to avoid the pitfalls we have experienced when allowing a more sedentary lifestyle over the years, such as pododermatitis (bumblefoot), perosis (slipped tendon), improper plumage development, and more, we provide them with ample amounts of water to swim and forage in and encourage them to do so by offering enticement in the form of favored treats and by not really giving them too much choice! This particular rearing area is about 90% water, with only a small platform for loafing and warming. This has proven to be most successful for us.

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